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राष्ट्रीय असंचारी रोग कार्यान्वयन अनुसंधान संस्थान, जोधपुर

National Institute For Implementation Research On Non-Communicable Diseases, Jodhpur
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Dr. Suresh Yadav

 Designation: Scientist - C

 Research interest: Toxicology/EIA and HIA

 Email: yadavs.es@gov.in

 Tel: +91-291-2729728

 Brief Introduction:

 Academic Qualifications & Training:



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 Complete Projects:

1.	Estimation of disease burden and Investigation of the Risk Factors associated with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in selected districts of Rajasthan. Approved by ICMR- Rs. 1,49,41,200.
2.	District Level Household and Facility Survey-4-CAB Components in(Gujarat State & 2 UT)-Principal Investigator Funded by NIHFW (GOI)- Rs. 45.93 Lakh
3.	Study the prevalence of underlying silicosis among tuberculosis and drug resistant tuberculosis cases of glass industry workers of Firozabad (UP) districts
4.	Study of occupational risks and biochemical changes among adolescents related with waste recycling industry processes in Gujarat
5.	Assessment of occupational environmental health risks and challenges of migratory brick kiln workers in Gujarat
6.	Study of brucellosis disease prevalence and occupational risk factors among high-risk groups of veterinarians and para-veterinarians along with dairy farm workers in endemic districts of Gujarat
7.	Nationwide Study to estimate the incidence, mortality, morbidity and economic burden due to snakebites in India-ICMR Task Force Study- Rs. 30 Lakhs for Rajasthan.
8.	Health status of workers in ceramic industries and iron foundries- Funded by DISH, Gujarat Govt. Rs. 20.0 Lakh.
9.	Unfolded Protein Response: Achilles Heels of Fungal Pathogenesis- Funded by DST-SERB- Rs. 48.40 Lakhs
10.	Toxicological Evaluation of Acephate and Imidacloprid as combination pesticide practised by farmers in rat.
10.	Elucidating the Effects of Bisphenol-A on Male Reproductive System of Mice and Exploration of Mechanism using Toxico-proteomics Approach.

 Ongoing Projects:

1.	ICMR-DHR MULTICENTRIC TASK FORCE STUDY-Nationwide Study to estimate the incidence, mortality, morbidity and economic burden due to snakebites in India (Co-Investigator). Extra-Mural